Mindfulness is becoming increasing popular with several books and apps available to help people to improve their mindfulness and wellbeing, but what is it?

Mindfulness meditation originates from Eastern religious practices. In Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness leads to enlightenment. The Buddha explained that mindfulness is a path leading directly to the purification of beings:

to passing beyond sorrow and griefto the disappearance of pain and discontentto finding the proper way to the direct experience of Nirvana. It is practised by watching the body, feelings, mind and personal qualities and if properly established reveals the four noble truths:

truly understanding what suffering is what the arising of suffering iswhat the cessation of suffering is what the practice leading to cessation of suffering is.  This fourth noble truth corresponds with the eightfold path that leads to enlightenment. Mindfulness can develop both serenity (Samatha) and insight (Vipassana). The former …

Hello from the Wellbeing Ambassadors

Hello we are the Calthorpe Park Wellbeing Ambassadors. Our aim is to improve wellbeing for the school community.

We first formed our group in the Spring term and started by trying different activities to promote wellbeing, using the NHS
website and advice for inspiration. Our activities included meditation (being mindful), yoga (being active), cake decorating (giving to others - photos below), first aid (learning new skills) and writing letters to friends and family (connecting with others). We are currently trialling some Headspace mindfulness activities. We hope that the activities that we have trialled may contribute to and expand the enrichment curriculum in the future.

We always welcome new members to our group, so please join us in B3 after school on a Monday if you are interested.